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23rd January 2020

So glad we got out... thoroughly enjoyable trip on a day which would probably not have tempted us out had it not been for the Wheelers! Thanks all for your company and motivation. Thanks everyone for a great morning out. Fabulous to go ad hoc (thanks to early deviation plotting by Tim and David) to Chapel Cross - it’s always a delight. A bit of a frigid ride throughout but we survived it. Great ride, sets you up even though it is a grey day.

16th January 2020

No ride due to appalling weather

9th January 2020

One of our favourite haunts today, Wookey Hub. Great weather with no wind, quite a lot of sunshine, but very muddy roads. However we washed off the mud on our wheels in the ford as we were approaching the Hub. No punctures or other mishaps.

2nd January 2020

Wheelers and wetlands : the lane to Mulcheney was passable, but not so the other side of Mulcheney where we diverted towards Curry Rivel before arriving, puncture-and-flood-delayed, at Langport and the busy Art Tea Zen cafe. En-route we met other Wheelers out either walking or driving.

19th December 2019

The forecast was not promising but 6 intrepid Wheelers ventured out with a destination planned for Glastonbury. However the blue patch of sky appeared and we decided to carry on to Sweets. Drinks and Christmas cake later we set off on the return leg only to receive a thorough soaking. Serves us right for pushing our luck. Never mind, we’d recovered for our annual Christmas meal in the evening which was a great success. Thanks Barry and Gill.

5TH December 2019

Wheelers warming up at Wookey Hub. A misty cold start gave way to brightening conditions as we made our leisurely way to one of our favourite coffee stops in lovely company and some of the best hot chocolate and teacakes, where it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! 

28th November 2019

A super if not somewhat muddy ride today to the new, for us, CrossFit Café in Chilton Polden, an excellent suggestion from Tim. Thanks. Apologies to David M for our slow motion collision.. Trust no damage done. Apologies also for delaying you when I covered myself in mud ... you’d think I ought to be able to control my bike by now☹!

21st November 2019

A ride to Rosie’s at Chapel Cross with Galhampton Hill extracting a cautious descent.

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