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25th July 2019

Lovely ride today to our favourite stop in Wincanton - enjoyed by all. The sun and heat didn't seem as bad as expected, cooled by the speed of riding, some electrically assisted - hope no one suffered too much. The company excellent. Glad to have ME and PS with us and hope to see them again. Pity we inadvertently lost ME for a while, we'll try not to lose you next time!

18th July 2019

Four Wheelers set off up Maesbury Hill having conquered the hilly route to Dinder. Three waited at the top for one to then reconvene at Rocky Mountain café. Teacakes all round at an outside table (having wiped it dry of the overnight rain). The run down through Horrington was swift but chilly until we reached the Lowlands of Wells for a return journey via Godney.

11th July 2019

Thank you for your company this morning.... sad BM couldn’t join us… for an interesting route. Always good to cycle on unfamiliar roads.

4th July 

A super ride in glorious weather this morning, six of us looping across the Levels to Wookey Hub. After a longish coffee break AM and BM headed straight home for a commitment while DM JG GH and BH went back via Wookey Hole, Wells, N.Wootton. Thanks all for the conviviality.

27th June 2019

Lovely summer ride out to Wincanton through beautiful countryside rich in flora and fauna complete with a Deere in a ditch..
Thanks to all.

20th June 2019

A very pleasant, meandering route across the levels with a coffee and cake (tea-cake for most) stop at Wedmore financed by birthday boy DM.

13th June 2019

No ride due to adverse weather.

6th June 2019

Excellent ride out- bright and breezy in good company. And thanks for the buns and cakes to today’s birthday boy.

30th May 2019

Wookey Hub via the Strawberry Line, lovely ride out with wind assist on the return, despite the shock of a detour up the first segment of the Old Bristol Road. A few PBs on Long Drove fuelled by flapjack courtesy of Birthday Boy and a tailwind.

23rd May 2019

Everyone enjoyed the Feed Station at Merriot, and excellent route to and from (till we deviated). Thank you all for another great ride. JM did manage to get his act in gear and picked up the Wheelers peloton in Somerton. A really lovely and long ride out to South Somerset to the amazing Feed Station, great route and even greater coffee stop. Perfect morning.

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